They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
Adams, F W
Adams, W E
Andrews, E C
Anstee, W E
Bailey, A
Bateman, S
Bell-Walker, R C
Bennett, F J
Bennett, J
Berry, A W
Betts, H F
Bidwell, J H
Boddington, A J
Booth, S
Boswell, P L
Boughton, F W
Braggins, G W
Bramhall, W
Broad, P J G
Buckle, C
Busby, P J
Busby, R L
Butcher, P J
Bywater, A H
Caldwell, D H
Castle, B J
Catterall, J
Cawse, F N
Cherry, C S
Claydon, E L
Cross, G
Davies, R H
Davis, G
Day, A E
Dumbleton, A E
Easey, C G K
Edmunds, M C
Elliott, K A
Fenlon, J
Fergusson, F
Fincham, J F
Fivash, J E
Ford, V W
Fountain, R F
Friswell, E S
Fuller, E
Gentry, W J
Gibson, R C
Green, V
Hall, E L
Harris, A R
Harrison, A R
Hastings, E V
Hawkins, R F
Hearn, F W D
Hewison, R
Hirons, C W
Hirons, E C
Hodges, L
Hone, C
Hopcraft, A H
Humphrey, M
Humphries, C
Husslebee, N
Ives, W
Jackson, F
Jackson, T H
Johnstone, C F
Jones, E
Jones, R H
King, J C
King, R
Kingerlee, K G
Kisley, J H
Lester, H S S
Letherbarrow, E J
Lewis, J A
Lock, A F
Longdon, A J
Longley, R W
Lunnun, W E
McKenzie, G
Meadows, P H
Middleton, J E
Mold, N C
Moore, F
Morby, D R
Mullinger, H P W
Noakes, G H
Noon, S R
O Carroll, M
Parker, R W
Peake, S W
Pearson, G W
Penrose, D J O
Pheasant, E
Prescott, A I
Prue, R S
Reading, G
Rees, W L
Rymill, J W
Salmons, E
Sansbury, W L H
Selby, D C
Smith, H B
Smith, J
Soden, C T
Soden, E S
Sole, C J
Sole, T A
Spittle, A G
Stroud, R
Suckling, H W
Swan, J L
Taylor, B W D
Taylor, E
Taylor, J E
Thompson, L
Townend, G C
Trolley, P J W
Tuckey, R J
Tyrrell, L F
Upton, P G
Wallace, S
Warren, G F
Websdale, S
White, L T
Williams, S J Q
Wilson, G
Wise, E C
Woodcock, W J