Prue, R S

  • Name on memorial: Prue, R S
  • Memorial panel: Centre
  • Full name: Prue, Reginald Sam
  • Rank: Corporal
  • Service details: PLY/22208, H.M.S. Repulse., Royal Marines
  • Age at death: 37
  • Date of death: 10/12/1941
  • Birth place: Banbury
  • Parents: Arthur and Emma Prue
  • Mother's maiden name: Benfield
  • Parents' marriage details: Shipston Jun-93
  • Wife: Florence M Goodfellow
  • Wife's maiden name: Goodfellow
  • Marriage details: Plymouth Mar-26
  • Additional information: In 1941, HMS Repulse was despatched to the Far East as part of Force Z, as a deterrent to the Japanese. They had no air support, but no ship larger than a heavy cruiser had ever been sunk by an air attack. It was also believed that the Japanese air force was not capable of operating so far from shore. However, on 10th December the fleet was attacked by 86 Japanese aircraft. Repulse was hit by a high level bomb and suffered heavy casualties. She was then hit by three torpedoes and started to list, finally sinking at 12.23. Over 1,200 men were saved by other ships in the fleet, but 327 died.

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