Upton, P G

  • Name on memorial: Upton, P G
  • Memorial panel: Centre
  • Full name: Upton, Phillip George
  • Rank: Gunner
  • Service details: 1458646, 85 Anti-Tank Regt., Royal Artillery
  • Age at death: 27
  • Date of death: 21/09/1944
  • Birth place: Banbury
  • Parents: Sidney and Georgina Upton
  • Mother's maiden name: Frost
  • Parents' marriage details: unknown
  • Wife: Daisy Evelyn Mary Upton, of Grimsbury
  • Wife's maiden name: Jarvis
  • Marriage details: Banbury Jun-40
  • Additional information:
    On 21st September 1944 the Hofuku Maru, one of Japan's infamous Hell Ships, sailed with Convoy MATA-27 for Takao in Formosa. The ship was attacked by an American aircraft carrier about 80 miles north of Corregidor; the Americans sank the whole convoy including the Hofuku Maru, not knowing she carried prisoners. Of the 1289 prisoners being transported by the Hofuku Maru from Manila to Japan, 1047 were lost.
    Phillip Upton had survived working on the Burma-Siam railway and was being taken to work in the salt mines. He was aboard the Hofuku Maru when it was torpedoed and was killed instantly. His wife, Mary, was just 22 at the time and was left to bring up their two-year-old twins, Anthony and Richard, alone.

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